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GWI – Graduate Women International






GWNZ is affiliated to Graduate Women International (GWI). Graduate Women International is an international non-governmental organization (NGO) of over 150,000 women university graduates from 78 national federations and association worldwide.
GWI’s aims are:

  • Promote international peace and cooperation, understanding and friendship
  • Support education and equality for women and girls
  • Recognition and protection of human rights
  • Promotion of social justice and equality
  • Lifelong education to influence and benefit society

Conferences are held every three years and draw together graduate women worldwide. They provide the opportunity to exchange ideas on issues facing women; to learn about one another’s education systems, culture and history; to develop policies and promote programmes that will advance the status of women and girls, and to promote international cooperation in the search for peace and human rights. Many life long friendships are formed at these conferences.

Members can also communicate with other members worldwide on various issues and obtain information and ideas relevant to members