Agenda of the 32nd GWI General assembly


Formal Opening

1. Welcome from the GWI President
2. Welcome from the South African NFA President
3. Keynote speakers – welcome and education topics

Welcome and introduction

4. Confirmation from the Credentials Committee of a Quorum
5. Adoption of the Rules of Procedure
6. Adoption of the agenda
7. Introduction of delegates and other General Assembly members
8. Introduction of General Assembly functionaries and staff
9. Minutes of the 31st Conference and the 92nd and 93rd Councils
10. Welcoming new affiliates
11. Introduction of candidates for the GWI Board of Officers
12. Introduction of candidates for GWI standing committees
13. Emergency resolutions from the floor

Review of 2013-2016 Plan and Finance

14. Report on strategic plan 2013 – 2016
15. Overview of GWI financial situation
a. Report of the Treasurer: Triennial Review 2013 – 2016
b. Reports of Assistant Treasurers
i. Switzerland – Report of the Finance Committee
ii. Canada – Investments
c. Review of audited accounts for 2015
d. Review of Triennial Accounts 2014-2016


16. Report of Board of Officers
17. Report of Executive Director
18. Report of National Affiliates
19. Report of Membership Committee
20. Report of Education Committee
21. Report of Committee for the Award of International Fellowships
22. Report of Special Committee on Project Development
23. Report of Special Committee for the Hegg-Hoffet Fund
24. Report of Resolutions Committee
25. Reports of GWI Representatives to the UN and Specialized Agencies
a. Representatives to ECOSOC and ILO in Geneva
b. Representatives to ECOSOC in New York
c. Representatives to ECOSOC in Vienna
d. Representatives to UNESCO in Paris

Planning 2017 – 2019

26. Presentation of Proposed Action Plan 2017 – 2019
27. Presentation of Proposed Budget for 2017 – 2019
28. Presentation of Proposed Dues Increase Resolution
29. Dues discussion and debate
30. Vote on Dues Proposal
31. Presentation on Final Budget for 2017 – 2019
32. Vote on Final Budget 2017 – 2019
33. Presentation and Vote on Internal Resolutions


34. Introduction to revised constitution
35. Debate and vote on revised constitution


36. Introduction to Resolutions
37. Debate and Vote on Resolutions including outstanding internal resolutions


38. Results of election for President
39. Results of election for Vice-Presidents
40. Result of the elections for Treasurer
41. Results of elections and appointments for GWI Committees
42. Presentation of programme for the GWI Centenary
43. Unfinished business
44. Closure