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Independent Members


Joining as an Independent Member is for members who want to belong to an active informal network of members with a common interest in the work of GWNZ. If you are eligible for membership of GWNZ, and reside in an area where there is no Branch of GWNZ or you do not wish to join a Branch, join us as an Independent Member. Email:  Independentmembers@gwnz.org.nz

Independent members

  • Connect with each other through the Independent Members Network
  • Are represented at the GWNZ AGM and on Council through the Independent Members Network
  • Belong to a worldwide community of women promoting international friendship and peace and supporting empowerment of women through education
  • Are eligible to apply for a number of fellowships and awards offered by GWNZ and its Branches, as well as GWI Fellowships.

Independent Members

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