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Scholarships, Grants and Awards



National Awards

To apply for the following awards and for detailed information click here.   (Note that these applications are to be made online, not in hard copy.)

GWNZ Fellowships
Post-graduate awards for women’s study or research, usually at doctoral level.

Harriette Jenkins Awards
Short-term awards for study or research, for GWNZ members only.

The GWNZ Susan Byrne Memorial Award
To assist mature women graduates who wish to make a change in career.

Regional Awards

The Mildred Keir Training Award To assist women over 27 years of age seeking to establish themselves in the workforce.

Nelson Awards: Karen Glasgow Scholarship and Rebecca Lynch Scholarship

Branch Awards

Various other awards are also offered by individual GWNZ Branches. Follow this link to Branch Scholarships and Awards

International Awards

Rebecca L. Lynch Memorial Scholarship
For undergraduate female students to study at the University of Idaho.

GWI Fellowships and Grants
GWI offers a limited number of fellowships and grants to women graduates for advanced research, study and training. To apply through GWNZ you must be a member, click here to join.

GWI Affiliate International Fellowships
A few affiliates of GWI offer fellowships and grants, which are open to women graduates from other countries. Many of them are only available to GWI members.